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Eounice Factory

A modern factory with automatic production lines and ISO9001 quality system.

60,000m² Automatic Lift Production Hall

The plant, which employs over 200 people, sits on 60,000m² lift production hall, includes Germany KUKA robot automatic welding production lines, Messer laser cutting machines, Automatic punching robots, Automatic bending robot machines, Precise plasma cutting machines, Intelligent wave board automatic production lines…

And we’ll never stop. We never stop at improving our capacity. We never stop at develop new features on our vehicle lifts. We’re evolving, to become a better Eounice.

Take A Factory Tour

Lift R&D Lab

Materials Processing Plant

Metal Sheet Processing Plant

Welding Plant

Robotic Welding Plant

Assembly Plant

Global Car and Parking Lifts Supplies

Eounice Supports Your Lifts Project to New Height

Manufacturing to global requirements. At Eounice, we consider ourselves partners of various auto repair shops, lift brands, and auto parts wholesalers.

You can be assured that we will provide you the highest quality car Lifts, at the best prices, with the best customer service, fully stocked parts departments, knowledgeable sales and service team members, fast shipping times and much more.