Full Rise Scissor Lifts

Full Extension for Easy Work

A full-rise car scissor lift is the perfect choice for those repair shops who want to raise their vehicle high enough to walk underneath, but they have limited bay space width and/or do not want the permanency of upright columns as found on 2-post and 4-post car lifts. Our full rise scissor lift may be mounted on top of the concrete floor or maybe flush-mounted.


ON-7801 3.5T


Full rise scisor lift, Pneumatic release, Above-ground installation

ON-7801 4.0T


Full rise scissor lift, Pneumatic release, Above-ground installation

ON-7803 3.5T


Full rise scissor lift, Pneumatic release, In-ground installation

Global Vehicle and Parking Lift Supplies

Manufacture and export vehicle lifts to global market. EOUNICE is good partner of various auto repair shops,4S shops, tire shops, and auto spare parts wholesalers.

We will provide you the high-quality vehicle lifts  at the competitive prices, with the good customer service, ready stocked spare parts, professional sales and service team members, fast shipping. it can continuously enhance the competitation of our vehicle lifts in the market.