Vehicle Lifts for Garage Equipment workshops

Strict Quality Control to Improve Repair Quality and Efficiency

When it comes to vehicle lifts for your professional repair shop or garage, EOUNICE has the good quality and compatitive prices.

To succeed in this industry, a company has to be the best in all aspects. This is why, as manufacturer of lifts, our company is very vigilant in quality control. We are driven by the need for constant improvement and believe that it is crucial to be steps ahead from the competition in both customer service and choosing the right lifts for your shops.

We believe and live by mutual interest with thousands of repair shops and facilities and value work ethics and try to keep the loyalty of our clients with quality craftsmanship and customer service. Like the rugged durability of our products, this quality does not wear off easily. We aim for long-term partnerships with a multi-platform of clients from commercial garages, to professional and mechanic companies.

Benefits from Vehicle Lift Profession Manufacturer

ISO 9001  and TUV certificated.

High quality control in the lab

Stable & regular supplies monthly

Multiple functions for garage equipments

Two Post Car Lifts

JT/T 155 & EN 1493 Strength Tested, CE Certificated

Eounice offers two-post lifts to accommodate light passenger cars all the way up to heavy-duty vehicles. We have CE certified two-post lifts also heavily tested, two-post lifts so you can feel safe working.

Four Post Car Lifts

Greater Flexibility in Alignment and Suspension Work

Our four post car lifts offer a wide range of options to accommodate any service center’s auto service needs. Field tested and proven hydraulic systems, single point lock release systems, heavy duty steel construction, and ease of use will increase any automotive service center’s vehicle repair efficiency.

Scissor Car Lifts

Premium Synchronized Hydraulic System

Eounice’s series of low-to-mid-to-full rise scissor lifts are relatively simple to install and are ideal for shops and enthusiasts looking for a safe and quick way to raise a vehicle for everyday maintenance and minor repairs.

Eounice Professional Support