Professional Lift Solutions to Business

No Matter How Complicated Your Project is, EOUNICE is Here for You

EOUNICE brings over 5 years of experience of solutions to your on a global scale. No matter how large your project is, Eounice has the experience and premium supplies to maintain the level of quality and reliability you expect from us.

Update technology – Accuracy is the key. With EOUNICE lift specialists using the latest technology, you can be sured you’re getting exactly the products and service your business deserve.

Fast and efficient distribution – We are in global shipping network and partner with major carriers. No more hassle and worry about delivery time.


Most Lifts Brands/OEM Projects

From lift planing and inception to manufacturing, we help ensure optimal technical and business performance. Our lift production technology combine over 5 years of experience in industry to bring innovation to every level of our offer, and every aspect of your projects.


Large Auto Repair Workshops

Powerful lifts supplies to your automotive repair networks. EOUNICE supports thousands of global auto repair shops and maintenance departments with latest lift models and remote assembly support. The key of our solution is our zero defect products, as well as stable and regular supplies.


Lifts Wholesale Business

If you’re wholesaler of car lifts, truck lifts, multipurpose vehicle lifts, you will find EOUNICE the perfect factory to source your competitive products. EOUNICE factory supports large quantity of lifts for large wholesalers and resellers with 24 hours online and all-round aftersales services.