Scissor Car Lifts

Compact Lifting System Minimises Structural Obstacles

EOUNICE’s scissor car lifts is the top range among the innovate ‘toggle’ lifting system. Our technology ensures generous working space and ample clearances underneath the vehicle. The runways ensure an ideal working height of 2070mm. The length of 1550-1800mm and capacity of 3500kg (an impressive 500kg more than the standard of other manufacturers) make it ideal for both small cars and larger vehicles, up to long wheelbase models.




Alignment scissor lift, Pneumatic release



Alignment scissor lift,Pneumatic release.runway Low profile.
alignment scissor lifts 7805

ON-7805 5.0T


Alignment scissor lift, Pneumatic release, in-ground installation.
alignment scissor lifts 7805G

ON-7805G 4.0T


Alignment scissor lift,Pneumatic release, in-ground installation.

ON-7801 3.5T


Full rise scisor lift, Pneumatic release, Above-ground installation

ON-7801 4.0T


Full rise scissor lift, Pneumatic release, Above-ground installation

ON-7803 3.5T


Full rise scissor lift, Pneumatic release, In-ground installation



Mid-rise scissor lift,Electric release



Mid-rise scissor lift,Electric release



Mid-rise scissor lift,Pneumatic release.


Designed with Efficiency and Productivity in Mind

The low-profile double scissor lifts are designed especially for the service area. The low closed height means the lift can be surface mounted, because no recess is required the lift can easily be repositioned or moved in the future.

High strength – integrated pads feature no deformation in transportation

Safe connection – The connection of each joint adopts a stepped shaft and a self-locking nut structure, which can avoid the danger caused by the shaft falling out;

Large-diameter oil cylinder – The large-diameter synchronous oil cylinder (main cylinder 110) makes it easier to start and can effectively increase the service life of the hydraulic part; the hydraulic oil cylinder joint is equipped with an anti-explosion throttle valve to prevent accidents due to pipe burst.

Hinge structure of unit cabinet – The front, back and upper of the control cabinet adopt hinge structure opening, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Low ground clearance – The low drive over height facilitates the support of vehicles with low ground clearance.

scissor lifts manufacturing


Precise, Premium, Powerful

Seamless Laser Cutting

The main structural parts are cut by laser, punched by CNC turret. No burrs, no sharp edges, all corners are rounded, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

High-Precision Bending

High cross-sectional shape made by high-precision CNC bending, effectively controlling the gap between the sliding table and the column.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding technology ensure a consistant welding effect for a seamless appearance, also with high strength.

Highly Adhesive Powdering

Imported powder and sprayers contribute to high adhesion and clear powdering effect. The overall appearance remains aesthetically smooth.

100% Component Test

100% testing of electrical components can effectively prevent equipment failures caused by component failures or wiring errors to ensure precise operation on work site.

100% Hydraulic Pressure Test

100% pressure test of hydraulic components effectively reduce the possibility of oil leakage to ensure our lifts are safe.

Global Vehicle and Parking Lift Supplies

Manufacture and export vehicle lifts to global market. EOUNICE is good partner of various auto repair shops,4S shops, tire shops, and auto spare parts wholesalers.

We will provide you the high-quality vehicle lifts  at the competitive prices, with the good customer service, ready stocked spare parts, professional sales and service team members, fast shipping. it can continuously enhance the competitation of our vehicle lifts in the market.