Manufacturing the Perfect & Precise
Lifts That Work in Maintenance Franchises

We design and manufacture commercial and residential car lifts, truck lifts, and parking lifts. We’re China’s leading supplier that serves large lift brands, auto repair facilities, and public projects. We’re Eounice.

Where Accuracy Lifts Up Credibility

At Eounice, a top manufacturer of vehicle lifting products, we value precision and accuracy. Our car lifts are trusted by countless brands and repair shops, because of our automatic production, the 20 years of expertise in the industry, and above all – our pursuit of quality. About Us

Mass Production of Lifts that Supplies Famous Auto Repair Franchises

Specializing in supplying large volumes of lifts to repair chain stores. We have the largest service team available to manage stable quality & after-sales service. Any problem that happens to our lifts will be solved globally.

Back Up Your Lift Wholesale Business with Stable & Quick Supply

In addition to solutions for repair shops, Eounice has many pre-designed car lifts developed for profitable wholesale projects. Our TUV & CE certified lifts can benefit your large quantity order by ensuring quality and reducing your time cost.

Precise Contract Manufacturing Your Car Lifts Under Your Brand Name

Our capability of design and development allows us to work closely with major brands worldwide. We attribute 20 years of experience to produce specific car lifts that labeled with client’s brand names. We call ourselves ‘the factory behind all lift brands’.

Going Beyond Standard Lifts



4,500Kg (10,000LBS.)

One side manual release and dual direct drive cylinders.


4,200Kg (9,300LBS.)

CE approval by TUV, two side manual release and dual chain drive cylinders.


3,600Kg (8,000LBS.)

Manual safety lock release, 4 post parking lift.


3,500Kg (8,000LBS.)

Pneumatic safety lock release, flush mount in-ground full rise scissor lift.
alignment scissor lifts 7805


5,000Kg (11,000LBS.)

Pneumatic safety lock release, flush mount in-ground double alignment scissor lift.
4 post alignment lifts 7440


4,000Kg (9,000LBS.)

Manual safety lock release, alignment 4 post lift.

60,000 m² Lift
Manufacturing Hall

2020 Development of Automobile Maintenance Industry

From 2017 to now, the number of people entering the auto maintenance industry is gradually decreasing, which indicates that the auto maintenance industry has entered a saturation period, which is affected by the industry itself and the market demand. From industry itself for the first, industry formed the process of…