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18 safety precautions that must be known

Mechanical equipment maintenance is a routine operation of the enterprise, in the process of maintenance, due to tight time, heavy task, complex operating environment, multi-work with each other avoid cross frequent operations, resulting in more accidents. In order to avoid the potential personal injury in the course of maintenance operation, effective preventive measures should be taken in view of the dangerous factors existing in maintenance operation.

This paper mainly share with you the mechanical equipment maintenance 18 must know the safety precautions!

1. Wear labor protection products according to the provisions during maintenance work.

2. When repairing the equipment, the “power off listing” system must be strictly implemented.

3. If you work under mechanical equipment, you should hang the sign “under repair, do not turn the machine” on the overhauled equipment. To repair machinery with wheels, use triangle iron to stop the wheels from rolling.

4. When working at high altitude, the safety belt should be tied and protective measures should be taken. When repairing, pay attention to safety, and do not deliver tools and parts up and down. To avoid accidents or damage to tools.

5. If more than one person is needed to operate during repair, special command must be provided to closely cooperate with each other.

6. Empty treatment must be carried out before maintenance of equipment.

7. When repairing in explosion-proof area, pay attention to fire and explosion prevention, and use explosion-proof tools safely.

8. When disassembling the equipment, the disassembling force should be uniform to avoid the phenomenon of collision caused by excessive force.

9. Observe carefully during cross work to prevent falling objects from hurting people.

10. When disassembling the equipment, it shall be carried out in sequence, and the relative position of the disassembling parts shall be marked and recorded and properly kept.

11. When disassembling and installing hardening parts such as bearings, hammer with copper bars or wooden bars instead of hammering directly with sledgehammers.

12. When overhauling the interconnected parts, the connected parts must be stuck to prevent them from sliding before they can be overhauled.

13. When installing chain or gear transmission machinery, it is strictly prohibited to rotate the machinery arbitrarily.

14. When hoisting the equipment, check whether the back chain lock is normal, and check whether the trolley is normal, so as to prevent the equipment from slipping and injuring others.

15. If you work at a height of more than two meters, you must issue a ticket and use a safety belt throughout the whole process.

16. After maintenance, the tools should be counted to prevent them from remaining in the machine.

17. Do not touch the sliding surface, rotating parts or thread holes by hand during maintenance.

18. Before the test run, check whether the power supply is connected correctly and carefully check all parts of the machine to confirm that there is nothing wrong before starting.

safety precautions that must be known

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