ON-7436PB four post parking lift

Manual release 

  • 3,600Kg (8,000LBS.) lifting capacity.
  • Single-point safety lock release by manual.
  • Mechanical locks automatically engaged into position in ascending process.
  • Out of level protection, safe and reliable.
  • Self-lubricating pulleys and pre-tensioned wire rope for extended service life.
  • Skid proof diamond platform.
  • Standard drip pan (3pcs), jack pan (1pc)
  • Moble kit (4pcs) OPTIONAL.


Model 7436PB 7436PBL
Lifting Capacity 3,600kgs (8,000LBS) 3,600kgs (8,000LBS)
Lifting Time 50S 50S
Overall Height 2076mm (81 3/4”) 2476mm (97 1/4”)
Lifting Height 1845mm (72 5/8”) 2100mm (82 11/16”)
Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 5120mm (201 9/16”) 5540mm (218 1/8”)
Overall Length (No Ramps) 4200mm (165 3/8”) 4620mm (181 7/8”)
Overall Width 2890mm (113 3/4”) 2890mm (113 3/4”)
Width inside Columns 2385mm  (93 7/8”) 2385mm  (93 7/8”)
Shipping Weight 718kgs (1,583LBS) 775kgs (1,709LBS)



Custom Options

  • OEM/ODM service can be offered
  • Lift color can be offered as customer request.

Features and Benefits

  • The minimum ground height is 125mm(4 15/16”), which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of low chassis car hanging chassis.
  • The upper end of the column is suspended and the lower end is adjustable (adjustable range is 40mm), which can effectively ensure the basic level of the two runways in the locked state and is less affected by ground factors.
  • There are double insurance of manual safety and cable breaking safety inside the cross beam, and the reset device adopts pressure spring and guide bar structure, even if the spring is broken due to the reason of guide bar, it can still be effective to ensure the safety of use.
  • The main structural parts are welded by robot with good welding consistency, high strength and beautiful welding seam.
  • Structural parts are sprayed with imported powder, using imported spraying equipment spraying, high temperature curing, can ensure strong adhesion, bright color and beautiful.

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