ON-7224 Base Plate Two Post Lift


Two side Manual release and dual chain drive cylinders.


  • 4,200Kg (9,300LBS.) lifting capacity.
  • 1920mm (75 9/16”) lifting height suitable for various operators.
  • Two side manual release and 24volt operation.
  • Durable chain drive cylinder in each column carries with anti-surge valves.
  • Standard with 4 two-stage lifting arms.
  • Screw-up rubber pads with min height 95mm (3 3/4”).
  • Standard with high limit switch.
  • Standard with curtain inside column and foot guard.
  • Automatic arms restraints.
  • Professional powder coating.
  • CE certificated.

Technical Data:

Model                                                          7224
Lifting Capacity 4,200kgs (9,300LBS) 4,500kgs (10,000LBS)
Lifting Time 55S 55S
Lifting Height 1920mm (75 9/16”) 1920mm (75 9/16”)
Overall Height 2824mm (111 3/16”) 2824mm (111 3/16”)
Minimum Height 95mm   (3 3 /4”) 95mm   (3 3 /4”)
Overall Width 3410mm (134 1/4”) 3410mm (134 1/4”)
Width inside Columns 2850mm (112 1/4”) 2850mm (112 1/4”)
Motor Power 2.2KW (3HP) 2.2KW (3HP)
Shipping Weight 588kgs (1,296LBS) 618kgs (1,362LBS)
Packing  Size 2870*500*740mm 2870*500*740mm




Application Video

Custom Options

  • OEM/ODM service can be offered
  • Lift color can be offered as customer request.
  • Optional three-stages lifting arms.
  • Optional 70mm(2 3/4”) and 100mm(3 15/16”) extension adapters.

Features and Benefits

  • The adapter is ultra-thin design, the minimum height from the ground is 95mm(3 3/4”), which is more suitable for the maintenance and lifting work of low-chassis vehicles.
  • The cover plate is ultra-thin design, the height from the ground is only 33mm(1 5/16”), the vehicle is easier to pass;
  • The inner pulley of the column is installed on the side of the oil cylinder. Even if the retaining ring falls off, the oil cylinder is only 10mm(3/8”) from the shaft end, which can effectively prevent the pulley from coming out.
  • The main structural parts are welded by robot with good welding consistency, high strength and beautiful welding seam.
  • Structural parts are sprayed with imported powder, using imported spraying equipment spraying, high temperature curing, can ensure strong adhesion, bright color and beautiful.

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